Best Computer Building Tool Kit (5 Kits To Make Building Easier)

best computer building tool kit

Best Computer Building Tool Kit Simplified!

Every computer builder needs tools to assemble their rigs. We will be going of the best computer building tool kit that every computer builder should have!

The top 5 best computer building tool kits are:

  1. Rosewill RTK-090
  2. Belkin 36 Pieces Computer Repair Kit
  3. LB1 Repair Tool Kit
  4. Rosewill RTK-045
  5. Rosewill RTK-015

Let’s take a peak at each of the following tool kits now and why you should potentially look into one!

Why Should I Get A Computer Tool/Repair Kit?

It’s logical to think that purchasing any form of basic screwdrivers, pliers, snippers, crimpers, etc… would be an easy and ideal choice for working on computer hardware. However in short you should always be armed with the correct de-magnetized tools before you even begin touching any of your computers internals.

Many if not most professional builders will arm themselves with a anti static wristband and ground themselves/remove all static from themselves first before operating on any computer. The reason being, static electricity can and will short your components out rendering them useless.

It’s no different than if you were to accidentally bump the wrong resistor/component with a magnetic screwdriver, you are always taking the risk of shorting out an important piece of hardware or capacitor/resistor inside of your computer.

That being said, being able to obtain a build kit specifically designed to help you be able to work on not only your computer, but friends/family computers safely is surely a safe and ease of mind matter that you should look into.

Rosewill RTK-090!

This is just an amazing tool kit here, popular vendors like Newegg and Amazon proudly sell this tool kit and it isn’t even that terribly expensive. This thing literally has it all! the RTK-090 comes with many screwdrivers, a couple of specific sized wrenches, a ratchet with sockets and the adapters to turn it into a torque bit/hex bit, and a couple of different pliers.

However this kit doesn’t just stand out because of that. This Rosewill kit was made for ease of mind and safety making it by far the best computer building tool kit. Everything inside of the kit isn’t magnetized so you will not have to worry about damaging any components due to magnetism.

Additionally if you look at the picture, you will notice it also comes armed with zip ties, a soldering iron, solder (with flux), a solder sucker/solder removal tool, and a cleaning brush to clean those small pieces of dust or excess solder off of your components.

best computer building tool kit
The Full Rosewill 90 Piece Kit!

Most people have exhausted all options on why their pc wont turn on also overlook the fact to see if it’s grounds are working or other power hungry components are even receiving power. Luckily this kit also comes with a voltage meter/ohms reader with testing probes to make sure everything is functioning/getting power as it should. This is a nice build kit and definitely something you should look into if you plan on working/building your own gaming computer or even just general purpose uses as well!

An extra goody as well is how organized the bag/case that the tools come in as well. Nice job Rosewill!

Belkin’s Computer Repair Kit.

Belkin has their own take on the best computer building tool kit as well, while it doesn’t have as many pieces as the 90 piece Rosewill building set, this one should catch your eye as well.

Once again we have a tool kit that doesn’t contain any magnetized tools in it for ease of mind and safety once again. Belkin’s 36-piece computer repair kit comes with tweezers, pliers, pretty much anything you need to pick up any small parts without the need of any magnetic tools. They come in many shapes and sizes so you shouldn’t have any problems if you drop a screw or 2.

best computer building tool kit
Belkins Electronic Kit

Additionally like the screwdriver set that comes in the Rosewill set, it’s as simple as snap in the bits which range from all sorts of shapes/sizes and away you go installing/removing/modifying your computers components.

The kit also comes with a anti-static wrist band so you can ground yourself first to take that extra precaution before you even begin to touch any of your computers internals. Many people overlook this step and state it will never happen to them, but trust us, it will someday.

This kit is nice, sleek, and super easy to carry around with the simple travel size case it comes with making it a definitive choice for computer building tools!

LB1 Repair Kit!

LB1 came out with a interesting, small, and reliable electronics repair kit as well. This will come with a simple and small carrying case like all the others as well and will come with an assortment of screwdrivers. If you are afraid of carrying around small bits and other tiny hardware like the previous 2 build kits, then this just might be the case for you.

This repair kit comes with everything needed in terms of shapes/sizes that will find on most modern day electronic devices and the small bits that it does come with, comes with a small clear carrying case for all of your accessories. This will prevent you from losing them after they place inside of the container and allows you to carefully place them inside of you carrying case.

best computer building tool kit
The LB1 Kit

There’s also small little plastic wedges that the case comes with as well which is mostly used for mobile electronics but we have found a few uses for them as well with computer components. There isn’t too much more to say about this small little computer building kit, it’s certainly nice, not too hard on the wallet and reliable as well.

Rosewill RTK-045!

This is a 1/2 sized variant of Rosewill’s 90 piece computer repair kit. this might be the best computer building tool kit for you if the 90 piece was too much. You still get the anti-static wristband/strap and most of the extra screwdrivers/bits for the handle just like the 90 piece just this one is much smaller.

This one comes with a small carrying case and doesn’t have the soldering iron or solder. But it does contain everything needed to remove screws safely with it’s de-magnetized tools just like the 90 piece. It also doesn’t come with the zip ties or any of the other small goodies like the voltage tester or any of the other big electrical items.

best computer building tool kit
Rosewill 45 Piece Tool Kit

However if you looking for something slick and sleek that has just about every size/tool you need to disassemble/reassemble computers then this just might be the kit that works best for you!

Rosewill RTK-015!

Just like the other 2 Rosewill kit’s this falls into the same category, just much much smaller. This is for just the basic most common tools that you need to build your machines/work on computers. This is just a simple couple of screwdrivers with pliers and a couple of zip ties for the most part to ensure you can operate on simple machines without hassle.

Once again this kit does not have the anti-static strap with it which is where things to get a little more risky but if you need something quick, reliable, easy, and on the cheap then this tool kit is the perfect computer building tool kit for you.

Not too much to say about this one other than it’s small, portable, and convenient!

best computer building tool kit
Rosewill 15 Piece Tool Kit

Wrap up!

As you can see, having many tools at  your arsenal will not only keep you safe using the correct tools, but it will also keep you in a state of mind that nothing can get damage by the tools you use. The Rosewill 90 piece is obviously the way to go if you’re a super computer enthusiast but the 45 piece normally should suffice just about any standard/basic practice.

We cannot stress enough that you should never use magnetic style tools to work on your machines because of the liability you are putting yourself at for damaging computer internals. While it does kind of ruin your day when you damage a component, but damaging another person’s components when working on them due to a magnetic tool can definitely be a day wrecker.

It’s also important to note, always ground yourself first when working on any form of machine which is what the anti-static strap is for. Don’t bring in the mindset of “I got this, simple and easy” also prepare yourself for “what could go wrong” when working on computers. Do yourselves a favor and protect your investments and pick yourself a proper tool kit. Kit’s are cheap, components are not.

We hope you enjoyed this write up on the best computer building tool kit. Leave a comment below, what tools do you use? Additionally be sure to check out the our post on choosing the best cpu/motherboard for your rigs!