Must Have Gaming Computer Accessories! (7 Additions To Your Rig)

Must Have Gaming Computer Accessories

What Is Classified As Computer Accessories?

Computer accessories are anything that is “above par” or anything that didn’t ship with your gaming computer or pc. These are the 7 must have gaming computer accessories to spice up your rig and your computer gaming performance!

The 7 must have gaming computer accessories are a keyboard (mechanical preferred), a gaming headset, gaming microphone (if one isn’t built into your headset), performance/gaming mouse, external/SSD storage drive, gamepad/controller, and finally a hardware monitor.

Ditch That Worn Out, Basic Keyboard.

Keyboards wear out over time and basic keyboard just don’t have that same feel/performance as a gaming keyboard. The modern day “performance” style keyboard is a mechanical keyboard. Most of them have a “click” sound to them when the keys are pressed but there are options available to limit/eliminate that sound without sacrificing those smooth key strokes.

Additionally most of the modern day keyboards have adjustable lighting behind the keys allowing you to adjust your style and even upgrade your performance in video games.

As an example:

Adjusting specific key colors can help you identify where specific keys are with a quick glance if you don’t have keys memorized.”

Not only can you change the colors of specific keys to help you with macros or movement keys, but they can also do some pretty awesome lighting effects as well like ripple or rainbow effect, etc…

Lighting isn’t all though, most mechanical keyboards type flawlessly making them much more efficient, no longer do you have to “smash” your fingers into the keyboard to activate the key, the keys work flawlessly due to new button designs which is why it’s one of the must have gaming computer accessories.

Hearing Is Everything!

A gaming headset is definitely one of the 7 must have gaming computer accessories, especially if you are into fps games. Being able to hear all the elements going around as well as clearly being able to hear your team is one of the best advantage you can have. No longer will you have to wonder whose behind that corner or who is behind you. Games like Call Of Duty or Battlefield off such a huge range of sounds which is why headsets or premium surround can be your best friend. Lets take this as an example:

Being able to hear footsteps clearly can set you apart from a pro vs a rookie, setup your headsets and hear even slight footsteps can put you at a serious competitive edge!

Just as a small example above a headset can literally change you gaming experience 7 fold (pun intended). However footsteps are not the only competitive edge that headsets can offer, there are many more!

Clarity is everything when it comes to working with friends, guilds, or even just some random members you decided to team up with. You can cancel out almost all of your background noise which immerses yourself in the game and lets you focus on your team. It’s definitely clear that a headset or performance sound system for you rigs is one of the must have gaming computer accessories.

Let The World Hear Your Beautiful Voice!

Microphones are an almost guaranteed must have. You see youtubers with and streamers with their fancy microphones and it’s for a good reason. You can hear them clearly and best of all you can understand them clearly. Setting up your computer/pc builds with a performance/professional microphone is simply just nice common courtesy.

Being able to speak clearly into a microphone without putting up much of an effort really makes a difference. Your team/guild/friends can hear you and best of all most of them come with a “pop filter” these days to muffle those popping sounds when you speak.

Another great benefit to a performance microphone is the simple fact that it drowns out almost all of your background noise. You wont hear your group members complaining about that noisy fan in the background anymore and they will be able to hear you clear as day.

No more “what was that? I didn’t hear that.” Instead you have crystal clear audio coming from your end, if you want to kick it up a notch you could even start doing your own videos or even streaming and impress the world with that beautiful voice you have!

Make Your Clicks Count!

Gaming mice paired up with a gaming keyboard is a gamers worst nightmare when they come up against you. Having a mouse that is able to have hotkeys programmed into them allows you to perform simple tasks at the click of a button. Additionally the way gaming mouses are built is a night and day difference versus a traditional mouse.

Must Have Gaming Computer Accessories
An example of a traditional
mouse versus a gaming mouse

The macro functions on gaming mouses can and will definitely help you setup specific key binds to allow you to perform multiple keyboard strokes at the click of a button which will give you a very competitive edge. However that’s not the only reason why a gaming mouse is one of the must have gaming computer accessories.

The response rate and how well a gaming mouse is built is the main reason why you should pick yourself up a gaming mouse. The laser inside is accurate and usually has no “jitter” and on top of that most of them work on just about any service with relative ease.

Most gaming mice also a have a “DPI” switch which allows you to adjust the sensitivity at the click of a button.

Being able to adjust how sensitive your mouse is to movements at the touch of your fingertips can help you in a quick situation as well. As an example if someone is in the upper left hand corner of your screen that you quickly need to get to, just a click of a button and a flick of the wrist and you are their twice if not triple as fast. Do yourself a favor and grab yourself a nice gaming mouse!

Backups And Write Speeds Matter!

Your computer is only as good as fast is it can write and transmit data. Additionally backing up specific files is an absolute must when you start to unload addons or specific save data that you want to keep in case of an emergency.

This is a double whammy when it comes to storage, first and foremost, do yourselves a favor and get yourself a external hard drive or even a large usb flash drive will suffice depending on how much you have to backup. Accidents to happen from time to time when it comes to a computer, your hard drive can fail, and sometimes even updates to your machine cannot download correctly causing a computer to lock up and become inaccessible. Rather than have to hunt down all your addons or even sacrifice your important save data, you can just back them up and have an ease of mind.

Must Have Gaming Computer Accessories
A SSD Drive Is Small In Size And Convenient!

Now write speeds are everything, having a slow drive can cause your computer to load slower than others. That’s why we recommend a SSD (Solid State Drive) and run a secondary larger hard drive to get those boot and load speeds that you desire. We installed windows on a 120GB SSD and noticed a boot time from 22 seconds all the way down to 6 seconds with our personal gaming rigs.

The write speeds on a SSD are incredible compared to a traditional hard drive. Additionally in a SSD there is less moving mechanical parts making them last significantly longer on average versus a traditional hard drive. Storage is everything and is definitely one of the must have gaming computer accessories.

Joystick Time!

Many people that jump into the gaming computer realm usually come from a console at some point. Giving up that feeling of a controller can be tough especially when you’re used to it for years upon years. Now while most pc gamers to end up usually switching to the mouse and keyboard setup after some time to adjust to it, having a gamepad ready to plug in can help you feel the console style gaming but with silky smooth 60 fps.

Additionally another little perk is unless you’re running a wireless mouse and keyboard, you also keep the ability to lay in bed and game to your hearts content from you pc. Many systems like steam offer controller support to select your games these days and getting them up and running with modern day technology has made it even easier.

It’s as simple as plug in and game on and let your operating system install all the necessary drivers to get your controller running right! It’s super simple, easy, and convenient and that’s why we recommend having a controller for your gaming rigs.

Monitor Those Expensive Internals!

Face it, your computer needs to run right in order to process/utilize information right. This one isn’t a physical addition to your gaming rigs but the good news is most of them are free. Downloading a hardware monitor will let you see what your gpu, cpu, fans, etc… are all running at and if they are running in good condition. The moment you overheat your board or graphics card/processor is the moment you run into that ugly blue screen telling you that something is wrong.

There are many free variants to monitoring your hardware and of course we recommend having an idea what you are running at. It only does you a favor in the long term and makes sure you are not straining your computers internals which will increase the longevity of that expensive hardware you purchased. It’s like the old saying goes “protect your investment” and the best part is you can do it for free!

Must Have Gaming Computer Accessories
An Example Of Monitoring/Tuning

Some great examples would be cpu-z, intel extreme tuning utility, and geforce experience! These are just some examples but they can definitely benefit your rigs in the long term by having them!

We hope you enjoyed these 7 must have gaming computer accessories, we would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below and let us know, what accessories are you running on your gaming rig! Do you agree with our list! Leave a comment below and jump in on the discussion! Don’t forget to additionally checkout the FAQ/About Us if you have questions!